Meg Miller

writer & editor, Berlin & New York

[email protected]

I am a writer and editor living between Berlin and New York. I've contributed writing to The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Creative Independent, The Serving Library, and other web and print publications, mostly about the ways design, art, language, and technology shape culture and society.

Since 2017, I've edited the print magazine for Eye on Design, published by the graphic design non-profit AIGA. We publish the magazine three times a year, each with a new theme and designer, and the aim to provide testimony to this moment in design. We recently received the Stack award for Cover of the Year, and you can sometimes find our team of five giving talks and interviews about running a non-profit publication, how we think about print and web publishing, and our research into the field of design.

I also edit the blog for, a platform for collaborative research, where we run essays and interviews on topics like EDM and Amazon, women in hypertext, the poetry and activism of digital tools, language parades, and the internet’s back-to-the-land movement. The idea is to publish pieces on projects that don't necessarily have a means to an end, and instead give space for following our innate curiosity and sleuthing interests. With Walker Art, we co-published a series of essays by artists and technologists on their hopes for the future of the web. Last year we put out our first print publication, The Annual, with more forthcoming...

Occasionally, I give lectures, guest critiques, and writing workshops. I also collaborate on various publishing projects, mostly with friends, and many times with people who don't consider themselves writers, but are. Otherwise, I enjoy calm waters and placid times.

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